UVS ST snap-in-piece, plug, WAGO

3 pole snap-in plug part to be latched into cut-out in the body, with locking levers and screwless socket end piece for single-wire cables or finely stranded conductors of 0.5 to 4,0 mm², respectively for multi-wire cables of 0.5 to 2.5 mm², 250 V/4 kV/25 A.

data sheet
ProductheightwidthlengthAQ Terminal cross sectionweight
UVS-ST-S1K17 mm35 mm37 mm4,0 mm²black 1x clamp 1x 3 pole plug 0,01 kg
UVS-ST-W1K17 mm35 mm37 mm4,0 mm²white 1x clamp 1x 3 pole plug 0,01 kg

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