UG45WI-2-2 mounting box, pre-fabricated, Wieland

Pre-fabricated mounting box, complete with two 3 pole Wieland snap-in device plug, and two double pre-wired socket. Suitable for 3 pole connecting line plug-socket. Including all covers and assembly materials. Bottom area of mounting box with capability of connecting.

Only suitable for raised and hollow floors. Other pre-fabricated mounting boxes are available upon request.

data sheet Assembly Instruction
Acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene copolymer
UG45WI-W2O268 mm74 mm225 mmdouble pure white + double orange 0,36 kgback/white
UG45WI-W2G268 mm74 mm225 mmdouble pure white + double green 0,36 kgback/white

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