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WCPS: The best protection for flush-floor inductive charging technology in production and logistics halls

Autonomous logistics robots, forklifts, or tugger trains that recharge themselves independently during their process-related downtimes: This is the future of intralogistics, which we at PUK are actively shaping.

Automated guided vehicles (AGVs) are becoming increasingly common in modern logistics and production halls. However, those who invest in automation and thus also in inductive charging technology also expect high vehicle availability without leaving the actual logistics process. This is precisely where our innovative new product comes into play. As an experienced underfloor expert, we have developed a system that allows you to fully exploit the possibilities of autonomous driving through a coordinated and fully integrated infrastructure: the Wireless Charging Protection System, or WCPS for short.
With the help of our WCPS, you can integrate inductive power transmission systems flush with the ground, even in the most demanding environments. This is because it is specially adapted to the requirements of electric vehicles in industrial environments. The system protects sensitive charging electronics from external influences. This dramatically reduces maintenance requirements.

The system at a glance

The unique system consists of a protective enclosure manufactured by us, which in turn houses a charging pad for wireless energy transmission. This inductive charging pad is a product of our technology partner Wiferion. Besides, a flush-floor or underfloor heavy-duty duct safely guides the cables from the wall to a charging point of your choice. A cover made of PCX - a heavy-duty material we developed specifically for this system - protects the charging pad from water, dirt, and other external influences. The WCPS is designed so that even heavy loads can be driven over it without affecting the sensor technology or magnetic field efficiency. This means that it is ideally suited to the challenging conditions in state-of-the-art production halls and warehouses.

Charging points can be installed completely free in the room

One of the biggest advantages of our Wireless Charging Protection System is its flexibility. With the WCPS, you can eliminate above-ground charging stations, which are prone to wear and damage. Instead, they have the option of placing the charging points completely free-standing in the room, flush with the ground. This means that the induction charging points are always exactly where you need them. At the same time, you have much more free space available that you can use for other purposes. The WCPS is designed for retrofitting halls. With the aid of a formwork body, however, it can also be easily integrated into new construction projects.

Upon request, we will advise you in the planning phase, during installation, and beyond. You can find more information about the WCPS from PUK here...

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Dear customers, 
from now on, our group of companies is partially available again by telephone and e-mail. You can find the current phone numbers and Email adresses here.

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