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PUK Group receives "Top 100 Award"

The PUK Group now officially belongs to the most innovative companies of the medium-sized businesses in Germany. Compamedia has awarded our manufacturer brand with the "Top 100 Award" in the innovation competition. Our PUK colleagues were particularly impressive in the category "Innovative Processes and Organisation".

PUK scores with its own innovation management

"Top 100" is based on a scientific selection process that does not evaluate individual innovations but innovation management as a whole. For example, our manufacturer brand convinced with its own innovation management that the Group has implemented to work specifically on future projects and new business areas.

Innovative product developments and PohlCon

During the research carried out by the awarding body, reference was also made to the innovations from the group of companies: the JAI sound insulation and the newly developed cable outlet flap for the CHALI brush channel were also taken into account here. Also positively assessed: the PohlCon synergy concept. In the context of the "Top 100" report, the joint sales and the linking of competencies in our group of companies were also highlighted.

We congratulate our PUK colleagues on the "Top 100" award and look forward to new ideas and innovative products.

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