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New registration requirement for passive electrical appliances

PUK products in the registration process

Since May 1, 2019, the opinion of the national register for waste electric equipment (stiftung ear) regarding the obligation to register passive devices has changed. This means that Germany is catching up in a European comparison. With immediate effect, devices that merely conduct electricity must also be registered and fall within the scope of the Electrical and Electronic Equipment Act (ElektroG).

"However, only terminal devices designed for operation with an AC voltage of 1000 volts or a DC voltage of 1500 volts or less are affected by the new regulation, such as ready-made extension cables, light switches, sockets, busbars for lighting, etc.". (stiftung ear)

In order to also be able to act in the future, the PUK Group has already actively entered the registration process with all passive components. Our aim is to achieve a seamless transition to changing conditions.

This change concerns:

  • Prefabricated mounting boxes
  • Series BODO

Further information on this topic can be found on the stiftung ear website.

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