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The success story of PUK

The success story of PUK

A small family business becomes a globally successful corporation

For more than 50 years, we have been taking care of the technically efficient equipment of buildings as experts for cable management and underfloor systems. With expertise, innovative strength, and the tangible values of a family business, we have taken the PUK brand out into the world. Discover the milestones of our company history and learn how in five decades a small Berlin company has become a globally successful group of companies.

Anton Klein OHG and Hermann Pohl OHG combine their activities and establish PUK-WERKE KG
Foundation of PUK-Portacables S.L.
Establishment of EL-PUK by PUK-Werke KG and Elektromontaż-Lódz on 27 July 1999.
PUK-Werke KG acquires a stake in Tekom Elektromekanik Sanayi ve Ticaret A.S. in Izmir, Turkey
Foundation of PUK-Benelux B.V. in DW Ersel, Netherlands
Foundation of P&K ENERGO OOO in St. Petersburg, Russia
Foundation of PUK-Werke S.R.L. in Brasow, Romania
Foundation of PUK-Solar GmbH & Co. KG in Berlin
In August, the German Patent Office grants PUK-Werke KG the patent for the floor socket BODO
Foundation of P&K Production in Moscow, Russia
50 years Schönecken plant
Foundation of PUK-Schweiz AG in Eglisau, Switzerland
Change of name into PUK Group
Foundation of PUK-Solar A.S. by TEKOM AS in Turkey
Move into the 5,000 m² export hall at Airpark-Schönefeld
The PUK Group celebrates its 50th anniversary
Joint distribution under the new company PohlCon Vertriebs GmbH

It all starts with two cable clamp manufacturers from Berlin

The roots of the PUK Group go back to the 1930s. Anton Klein founded the company Anton Klein OHG in Berlin in 1931. In the following 20 years, the company makes a name for itself as a manufacturer of first-class cable clamps. Hermann Pohl also becomes active in the industry. In 1951, the Berlin engineer introduces an improved cable clamp to the market and founds Hermann Pohl OHG. With its U-shaped retaining bracket, a lockable pressure trough, and a counter trough, the Pohl clamp is innovative and meets with rapid demand. The company's product range quickly expands. In 1961, the company moves to Nobelstraße in Neukölln, where the entrepreneurial family also lives.

Pohl and Klein join forces to conquer the German market

In 1965, Hermann's son Ingomar Pohl takes over the business. In the meantime, the competitive pressure on the market has increased considerably, and so in 1969, the entrepreneur decides to join forces with his competitor: The open trading companies Hermann Pohl and Anton Klein merge in the shadow of the Berlin Wall to form "Pohl und Klein", or PUK for short. The merger enables the PUK-Werke to exploit synergies to work the German market even more intensively. The Klein family's shares in PUK are later acquired in full.

PUK becomes international

In the following years, PUK-Werke sets the course for the internationalization of its business relations. From the 90ies on, foreign markets gain more and more importance. When PUK is to supply a VW plant in Spain in 1992, the company takes the opportunity to establish its first subsidiary in Barcelona. After the great success of PUK-Portacables, further subsidiaries and participations follow in Poland (1999), Turkey (2006), the Netherlands (2008), Russia (2009), Romania (2009), and Switzerland (2015). Foreign business is booming. However, transporting cable support systems undamaged over long distances is costly. To save logistics costs in the long run, PUK-Werke continues to expand its existing production in Poland and eventually establishes another production facility in Turkey.

PUK-Solar as an expert for PV mounting racks

After already producing cable support and underfloor systems, PUK-Werke opens up a new market in 2009 with robust mounting solutions for ground-mounted systems, roof structures, and carports. For this purpose, the company uses many years of experience in the installation of PV mounting racks of its Spanish subsidiary PUK-Portacables. In 2011, PUK-Werke finally founded its wholly-owned subsidiary PUK-Solar GmbH & Co. KG in Berlin. With the new subsidiary, the range of services is further expanded. The offer of PUK-Solar now includes technical consulting, planning, production, and logistics as well as the assembly of the subframes and the installation of all modules. Today, the PUK subsidiary specializes in large-scale photovoltaic projects and acts as the technical competence center of the worldwide group of companies.

Change of name and joint distribution by PohlCon

The change of name in 2016 marks another milestone in the company's history. 47 years after its foundation, PUK-Werke becomes PUK Group. But the name is not to remain the only major change. Out of the desire to create new added value for its customers, the company is embarking on a new distribution channel on January 1, 2019. For this purpose, PUK is bundling its extensive product range and expertise with that of fastening specialist JORDAHL and construction supplier H-BAU Technik. Under the joint sales brand PohlCon, customers will now have a single point of contact for seven different fields of application and ten product categories.

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Dear customers, 
from now on, our group of companies is partially available again by telephone and e-mail. You can find the current phone numbers and Email adresses here.

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